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Help Raise up to €50,000 for your CLUB, SCHOOL or CHARITY & share in €15,000 for your HOUSEHOLD!

€5,000 GUARANTEED for every Local Community Organisation.

In 2 Nights-From Home!
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The Great Community Challenge is a novel way to raise much needed funds at a time when income from donations/memberships/subscriptions/contributions has been unexpectedly reduced due to the impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Sports Clubs

Where sport clubs are concerned, the deficit in funds may be a consequence of:

Clubs not having collected membership fees. Gate receipts from competitive games are non-existent. Fees from summer camps have been eradicated. Renting of sports facilities is not possible now. Income from hosting tournaments is non-existent. Income from sponsors impacted. Fundraising initiatives by way of public events are not possible at this time. 


Many charities rely on funding from sponsors to survive, and many of these sponsors are now experiencing financial strain. As a result of this, discretionary funds normally assigned for sponsorships are depleted. This then has knock-on consequences for a plethora of charities and community organisations.


Many schools planned to undertake fundraising events but are not now in a position to raise necessary funds through public events due to the curtailment of public gatherings while social distancing guidelines must be adhered to. The Great Community Challenge will assist School Boards of Management together with its teaching staff to achieve their objectives as they endeavour to develop facilities and supports for its community of students.

We at Empower Events have a history of producing fundraising initiatives right across the Island of Ireland and have helped raise a seven figure sum for deserving clubs, schools & charities. 

During this unprecedented time, we want to assist Local Community Organisations to alleviate their financial strain and help raise funds in a unique way for the times that are in it. In doing this we have devised a fundraising initiative that will generate funds for a myriad of Local Community Organisations by engaging with your supporters online and without them having to leave their homes or gather in large groups. In return, your community of supporters are promised a great evenings entertainment where they too can win while simultaneously supporting an organisation they have an allegiance to.

Vitally at this time, this online event will enhance social cohesion at a very unprecedented and assailable time in our history. The Great Community Challenge has the potential to bring local and county citizens together (virtually), with a sense of community spirit, purpose & pride during a time when members of the community are apart and isolated due to social distancing & cocooning.

“You guys are amazing. So slick, so smooth...I would recommend you to any club. Gold level service. I mean that sincerely.”
Martin Cooke, Moycullen GAA


12 Local Community Organisations from at least 20 counties will take part in a on-line interactive Game Show while competing against members of other community organisations from within their county. 12 groups will take part per County Final. Events will take place across numerous counties and each will operate as a knock-out County Final. Following a series of individual County Finals a National Grand Final will then take place where the winning Local Community Organisation will claim the ultimate prize and title.

The Great Community Challenge comprises an evening of engaging questions, puzzles, a talent competition and a variety of other entertaining challenges. It’s not just your run-of-the-mill quiz but instead a night of entertainment and engagement for young & old, family & friends and entire communities.

For many, particularly sports clubs, the competitiveness associated with ‘taking-on’ a neighbouring club is a void in many people’s lives at present and this sense of competitiveness is also a vital component and driving force behind this initiative.

One local community organisation from within each participating county will amass €10,000 Euro between fundraising & winnings from the regional County Final event and will be in contention to receive more than €50,000 as part of a National Grand Final.

In each County Final there will also be a runner up spot allowing that Local Community Organisation to go through to the National Grand Final. The runner up doesn’t share in the winners money from the County Final: The runner up doesn’t share in the winners money from the County Final but can still compete for the jackpot.

…All this without leaving your house, playing a match or organising a public event or fundraiser!


Each Local Community Organisation (club, school, charity, etc) raises €6,000 from its members, friends and/or sponsors to enter (i.e. €40 per Participating Household x 150 groups or a variant of the aforementioned. A maximum of 150 Participating Households can play officially for their Local Community Organisations and household entry fees can be adjusted locally if needs be once the community entry fee remains intact.)

Ideally Local Community Organisation would enroll 150 households comprising members that have an allegiance to their cause.

Is 150 people a lot? Many organisations are associated with more than 150 households and if this were a public event fundraiser you would be aiming to sell up to 1,000 tickets. For The Great Community Challenge participants do not need to leave their home and so associated costs of taxis, drinks, baby sitters are eradicated.

It’s worth noting that this is akin to a night-out where individuals would normally pay a fee to enjoy an entertaining event with the chance of winning numerous prizes while doing this in the knowledge that the individuals are doing something beneficial for their Local Community Organisation at the same time.


Each Participating Household needs two devices, one for streaming the live stream of the Game Show and one for answering questions.

Purchase your Local Community Organisation’s Game Show pass at the dedicated link. You will be provided with a bespoke link to do so.

You will then ‘like’ our Facebook page @thegreatcommunitychallenge and there you will be able to access the live stream of the Game Show.



On the day of the event a code will be sent by email/text to you to allow you to access the event. Open the link on the device you intend playing on (smart phone/laptop/tablet) and enter the code.


Watch the stream where the Game Show Master will provide commentary and keep you informed of what tasks are next, changes to the leader board & when time-outs are scheduled (to put the kettle on!).


Gather round and use your other device phone/device to answer the questions and undertake other challenges! You could share in €15,000 worth or prizes & help your organisation to make over €50,000!


Each Local Community Organisation gets to keep €5,000 of the €6,000 the organisation raises through its members/sponsors. The organisation also contributes €1,000 to the overall fund. The Local Community Organisation should endeavour to have the €1,000 sponsored locally (i.e. €200 x 5 corporate donations).

The winner of the county final will receive an additional €5,000 (which means they receive €5,000 through its members contributions and an additional €5,000 if they win.

That’s a potential €10,000 in total if they win the County Final (all in one evening!) and there are only 12 competing local community organisations.

All those who don’t win but enlist 150 participating households for an engaging night of fun will still leave with €5,000 in addition to the possibility of their Participating Households winning a variety of spot prizes.

In each County Final there will also be a runner up spot allowing that Local Community Organisation to go through to the National Grand Final. The runner up doesn’t share in the winners money from the County Final but can still compete for the jackpot.


During a County Final an additional €500 will go to the Participating Household (family, individual group) with the most correct answers in the quickest time from across all the participating groups. So even if your Local Community Organisation doesn’t win, a Participating Household  within your Local Community Organisation still can!

All this, plus a very engaging evening for €40 per household.

During the National Grand Final Participating Households will have the opportunity to share in €5,000 of prize money.

It costs the Participating Household €40 to enter the National Grand Final. The above amounts to €15,000 being dispersed amongst Participating Households in prize money.


A variety of cash prizes will be given out on the night of the National Grand Final for winners of different categories which include:

  • Best Fancy Dress
  • Best decorated room in club, school, charity colours
  • The Participating Household with the most correct answers in the quickest time
  • Biggest participating family in one house (while adhering to social distancing)
  • Best result by over 70’s taking part alone
  • Best result for the ‘local knowledge’ round
  • Quickest photo returned following a photo shoot task within the house
  • Local Community Organisations can nominate (in advance) one household to sing/play a one minute track live…the best of the 12 would get the points for that round.
  • Local Community Organisations can nominate (in advance) one household to participate in a fitness challenge….the best of the 12 would get the points (i.e. most sit ups/press ups in a minute)


The winning Local Community Organisation of each County Final will progress to the National Grand Final and should enlist 150 Participating Households again at this stage. Once again the entry fee is €40 per ticket/household.

In each County Final there will also be a runner up spot allowing that Local Community Organisation to go through to the National Grand Final. The runner up doesn’t share in the winners money from the County Final but can still compete for the jackpot.

Each Local Community Organisation involved in the final will then commit €3,000 at this point towards the National Grand Final fund. 

The Local Community Organisation will therefore be assured of raising €3,000 and in with a chance of walking way with an additional €50,000 total if it wins, having already received €10,000 as a County Final winner. (A runner up of a County Final who goes on to win the National Grand Final will receive €5,000 less.)

So while a great evening’s entertainment is assured for all concerned, those involved are providing a platform for their Local Community Organisation to:

  • raise an additional (guaranteed) €3,000 (even if they don’t win)
  • potentially amass more than €50,000 (if they win)

The members of the Participating Household will also share in spot prizes to the tune of €5,000.

All this for €40!


Much like a public event the Participating Households can purchase their entry tickets via

Each Local Community Organisation will have their own event platform on this system. The first 150 participating households who buy tickets have their tallies counted as part of the game. If your organisation enlists more than 150 households they can still play but only 150 will be counted so as to have the same maximum number as other Local Community Organisations.

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